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My services are broken down into four different resiliency paths. Each path is laid out to inspire you and meet you where you currently are, address the unique challenges you are facing, evoke awareness and most importantly, dial into where you want to be. Please review the four resiliency coaching paths below to find out which one sounds most like you and your goals. In our first FREE intro session, we will discuss the different paths and which one you are most drawn to.

The Clarity Path

Know your “WHY” in life so you can discover your “HOW”.  Discover your unspoken words, gain insight and tap into your truth. Set your vision and redefine your purpose in life! Find your alignment, become unstuck and shift your mindset. Learn how to laser focus on your personal goals to achieving lasting success.

The Cultivate Your Resilience Path

Do you want more of what sparks you? Grow your confidence and invite balance into your lifestyle.  Are you ready to learn how to better position yourself from adversity & stress or navigate change with greater ease? Commit fully to cultivating your inner resilience. Learn what depletes your energy and how to keep your momentum going.  Experience simple steps to form new habits that support your personal wellness goals, leading to achieving greater success.

The Grief, Loss & Transition Path

Transform your life transition, grow your mindset and let resilience lead the way to shining a new light on your loss. Reclaim positive habits to boost self-confidence. Navigate your way through new terrain using skills that support actionable steps forward, creating new direction and purpose from life transitions. 

What’s the new in your life that sparks growth in possibilities for you to embrace?

New stage of life * career change * lifestyle change * building new connections * recent pandemic related loss * loss of self confidence

The Leadership Path

I specialize in coaching women entrepreneurs. Accelerate goal achievement and turn the “no’s into “yes”. Increase your volume in sales and clients. Develop robust incentives that will boost productivity and staff retention. Challenge your mindset to build on strategies, learn new ways to think “outside of the box”. Tap into your passion and how to translate that into your superpower for success.

“The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” Life coaching is not therapy or counselling, it does not diagnose or provide treatment, the process does not give you answers or tell you what to do. All coaching sessions are professional, confidential and comply with the International Federation Code of Ethics.

Linda is a warm, caring and heart-centred coach. She has touched my life in so many positive ways. As an honest and trusting person, she has offered me a safe space to sort through some very challenging situations on many occasions. I appreciate so much of what Linda has to offer. Her impact on my life has been transformative and I am so thankful to have met her.
- Karla

Why I Am Unique

Resilience Leadership Coaching is part of who I am and developed in me throughout my life. With over 25 years of combined experience in sales and management – you could say I have sales infused into me. I have developed an innate ability to connect – assess – strategize and sell with satisfaction. Let me help you discover your innate connections in motivation and behaviour to set your targets and develop strategies to achieve those goals.  Let’s focus on your resiliency skills as a leader to promote growth and build success!

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