A Little Bit About Me

From Adversity to Opportunity

Throughout my life I have experienced a great deal of adversities, some predictable and many with no warning at all. Life transitions, change, loss and having to rebuild myself from an unfamiliar place are challenges that are all too familiar to me. It is with courage, acceptance, commitment to my well being and support from others that helped me work through these difficult times of change in my life. It was through learning to see the opportunities in what may be seen as obstacles that sparked personal growth and continued success in me. Growing my personal resources to build on my inner resilience allowed me to shift from a place of surviving at times in my life to thriving.

I believe in the power of personal perseverance. Where there is a will there’s a way!

Resilience is not something I was born with or acquired naturally through any hardship, it is a skill set that I cultivated within me and continue to develop over time. Letting my values lead the way and knowing my “WHY” in life helped me commit to developing my best self. It was through learning new daily habits that continue to help me evolve and sustain success in times of stress and uncertainty so I can not only bounce back from adversity but bounce forward!

Sharing my desire for helping others through my Resilience Coaching continues to fill a lifelong passion of mine. From a young age I have often been referred to as an old soul someone being wise beyond my years with a keen interest and genuine curiosity in what motivates others to seek personal fulfillment and gain success. I am known for my strategic thinking and possess an innate ability to relate and connect with others on a deeper level. I am led by my compassion, openness, and willingness to share with you my authenticity and vulnerability because there is no greater gift to me than the gift of developing our best self.

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My Coaching Style

As a professional coach I am both personally and professionally aware of what factors play a role in life transitions. Having recently left the corporate world as an innovative leader, director and developer of many programs working both as an independent contractor as well as over 20 years for a multi-chain franchise company across Canada, I now embrace my passion for helping people and continue to invest in my career through Orange Solace Coaching. 

I am a Certified Life & Wellness Coach with an additional specialty as a Certified Resilience Coach. I am a dedicated ACC candidate with ICF (International Coaching Federation) and comply with all ethical guidelines stated by this federation. I am a lifelong learner who is committed to continuous development and maintaining the highest standards possible for my clients. 

What I Value Most In Life

Integrity, gratitude and family.

Savvy Skills

Listening to both spoken and unspoken words. 

My Motto

Everyone deserves the chance to live their best life.

Linda’s approach and presence as a coach has been invaluable. She not only helped me establish and reach my dream goals; she helped me find clarity and purpose as I pivoted careers to achieve a better work life balance. Her passion, professionalism, and life experiences were evident in every session. If you feel stuck, or simply need to realign your goals, I highly recommend Linda as your coach. My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner.
- Jill

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Take care,

Linda Louisa

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