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Orange is vibrant energetic and inviting. It’s the colour of joy, creativity and balance. Orange expresses the energy of compassion, warmth and optimism. It’s motivating and often symbolizes transition or change of some kind.


Solace is a feeling of comfort it signifies something or someone that gives consolation or relief in a time of distress or sadness easing disappointment. Solace can represent a safe space that creates a sense of solitude where you can be seen.

“True solace is finding none, which is to say, it is everywhere.”
Gretel Ehrlich

Let Me Invite You Into My Life

Do you ever ask yourself how to turn your life challenges into life triumphs?

Have you ever lost your confidence when faced with adversity and change only to discover your full potential and even greater purpose in your life? 

Have you been faced with unexpected obstacles that can leave you feeling stuck or defeated? Or keep you living small in the shadow of others? Only to discover your true reflection so you can shine bright in your own light! 

It has been my personal mission to embrace life’s adversities, learn and practice ways that I can continue to build personal resilience so I can be the best version of myself.

Join me to learn more about how to cultivate your inner resilience and let your best self lead the way. I invite you to connect with me, invest in you and let our partnership be the catalyst for change in your life!

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What is Coaching?

We all need a little help sometimes and coaching can provide that structure and support to help you get there. Coaching is based on the present to help you design your future. Coaching is a professional partnership that helps you align with your present situation to maximize personal or professional potential. It’s a structured and strategic process that involves a willingness to change. This process involves self-commitment and accountability. Coaching is a non-judgemental experience that may involve thought provoking questions and a shift in mindset. It focuses on enhancing new awareness and is designed to facilitate the development of these goals and a plan for achieving them. 

All coaching sessions are professional, confidential and comply with the International Federation Code of Ethics.  

As Your Coach, I Can Help You:

How are you showing up for yourself?

Let's Partner Together To Build On:

My style is an authentic and transformative experience. As your Coach I will hold the space for you to be seen and feel heard and help you discover your “WHY”.

Resilience Coaching Services

Resilience involves learning how to adapt with flexibility, create new habits to bounce back from adversity to a place of success from life challenges or difficult experiences.

The Clarity Path

Want to get unstuck and shift your mindset? Know you “WHY” in life to discover your “HOW”. Redefine your life vision and gain clarity to help create personal goals to achieve lasting success!

The Cultivate Your Resilience Path

Do you want more of what sparks you and less of what stresses you? Discover how to build new wellness habits to help you navigate through adversity with more balance and confidence. Through Resilience Coaching learn ways to embrace a learned skill set to help you bounce back from your life challenges with ease.

The Grief, Loss & Transition Path

What’s the new in your life? * new stage of life * career change * lifestyle change * building new connections * recent pandemic related loss * loss of self confidence* Embrace change and invite Coaching to help grow your mindset and navigate new terrain using your inner resilience. Transform your life transitions and reclaim positive habits to help you move forward with a newfound purpose. 

The Leadership Path

Sales | Leadership | Small Business | Build your Life Coaching Business
Are you ready to discover how to accelerate goal achievement, develop robust incentives and boost productivity? Let Leadership Coaching help you think outside of the box to turn the “no’s” into “yes” while tapping into your superpower for success. 
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Linda through her kindness and skills as a Life Coach helped me through big and small dilemmas. She is a natural with her words and questions. I would recommend Linda as a powerful and capable person and Coach.
- Susan -
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